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Blurb About Me

Hey FlynnJR hear and hears a little something about me. I love MMORPGS and i love dungeon runs. I also love the tales of series and I'm a die hard Flynn fan I also love star ocean as well. I'm your average kid who loves Aeria and everything about it and i plan to play there games for a long time :)



Karma for anyone who loves Flynn Scifo ♡

Few more weeks for LO. :D

You going to play LO? Alpha's coming out in about a week I imagine and beta soon afterward.

CB was good, the game is better than I thought

Thankies for the birthday wish, too ^^

No no no, don't be sorry. You're not nosy at all xD

By the way, if you need help with dungeon, Ulta and Rotten (I haven't tried Rotten lol), feel free to pm me in game. If I'm not online, send mail in-game~ ^^

Oooh, you're Ty =o
You were in my guild before I quit the guild.

Aww, maybe I shouldn't have left the guild if I know you're there ^^;;