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Due to the way Shaiya has drastically gone down hill, I have made the decision that I can no longer afford and waste my time on a game that used to be awesome. It's been a fun four years Shaiya, but it's time for me to go. Peace out guys.

Hmmm my name is Josh and I've played Shaiya for almost 4 years if not more. I like all sorts of games/animes/movies you name it. I'm pretty out spoken, but I'm always here to listen if you need to vent :D. I'm a nursing student and I work in the medical field. I am in game or on forums 24/7. I am in AFK on OS Merged Union of Fury. If you need me drop me a message here or contact me in game :). Have a nice day guys, and happy hunting :)

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Come bac game we need u Ö_Ö

bish i come to dark side and u not playing QQ

hugs and hand more cookie :D

sorry i haven't been around i been sick and really sick lately. Even had to go to hospital D:. I will be around more though taking a break from school to recover :)

hugs and hand cookies

Love the song on your profile

naa, aming for canta pvp :p

Yep yep started Playing agin :p
So if u wanna be my sponser ? :D

yeah i know, :( been busy with school so had no time Q.Q but cant wait to play again :D