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Part of GMMokona's Magical Girl/Guy Brigade! Valentine's Day Event 2013 Participant I Remember the Bodor Server 2010-2012


thanks for telling! but is this mean that the entry is not acceptable?if it's not i don't mind doing another suitable ._. but can we edit our entry?

SNOW \*O*/ I'm your profile stalker now! And...
-gives ice cream-

cuz the summer heat is killing us UK people Q.Q

kArMa4u ^__-

Beautiful pink colors everywhere, I like it very much

Karma +5 for a very nice profile. n.n

Awesome Valentines Entry i loved it aha, Gave ya Karma, tc.

cute profile o3o

karma :3

PSHHH dont be hatin ur page looks plain :P

Merry Christmas Snow!