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i love clannad too :D

its magic :O

Was nice chatting with you about Visual Novels, if I log in here more often, perhaps I can ask you to refer me to some good ones! :)

Saw some of your posts on the RotT forums. Great posts yo! I also like that you're interested in Japanese Anime, Manga, and VNs. Noticed you are going to play Fate (assuming it's Fate/Stay Night). I played through all the routes and personally, I felt it really does build upon each experience from a previous route. You got nice taste in music too. Similar to my tastes in music too, hahaha.

Best GS


 I Was Here First!

Blurb About Me

Now that I put Saya up as a background, I feel like doing something against the void that inhabited my profile so far. I can't say I'm particularly good at this, but it's better than nothing.
Ok, so, stuff about me:

For starters, I'm 18 and have recently been accepted into the university of Erlangen in order to study english and math (might be a weird combination, it works for becoming a teacher though).

I'm really into the Japanese forms of storytelling, like Anime, Manga and Visual Novels, and, even if I didn't read that many VNs yet, they imho had some of the best plots and storytelling I've ever seen.
My favourite anime is Clannad, my favourite manga is Liar Game, my favourite VN would be Saya no Uta, my favourite movie is Fight Club and my favourite show is Doctor Who.
When asking people about what their favourite game is, many of them will answer with some barely known game, with terrible graphics, which they played somewhere between the age of 10-16. In my case, that'd be Gothic II.

I'm currently reading Fate, supposedly each consecutive storyline becomes more and more epic, but I'm gonna see for myself soon.

I usually listen to all different kinds of music, be it hip-hop, metal, rock, j-pop, trance and so on. I can find songs I like in almost every genre. I particularly like Rammstein though.

Just in order to fulfil a few stereotypes here, I recently discovered that sauerkraut is actually quite delicious...

Is there anything else to add? Well.... I like orange juice, I guess.