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~Updated the theme of my page and given it a new look ^^



  1. •Make lots of friends on aeria
  2. •Try and help out anyone with any questions :) Got a question for me? :)
  3. •Do more image manipulation and signatures now that I have Photoshop on my laptop :)



The elf that seeks blood stalks the night for her prey...



How are you? :)
hows the sigs going lol
hope to talk to you soon :)

I noticed your played Last Chaos, and I was wondering if you could help me out.
I'm looking for the Energy Collector guy, and I have no idea where it is,
do you by any chance know where he is? (:

Hiya Ivypop's
How are you doing
and thanx again for showing me this website lol

marry christmas

Hi :)
Haven't heard from you since a while .... how are you?

Blurb About Me

Fire Ice Air Earth ~The Four Elementz~ Lightning ~The Forgotten Element~

Things to know about me is I'm happily taken by xXxXxX~Zeaura~XxXxXx and love him dearly, thanks Si for everything you do for me to :):):) ♥ ♥ ♥

I have a Deviant Art account for anyone who is interested in art or in looking at the kind of art I've done :) I also do lots of photography and photo-manipulation that is displayed on my Deviant :) :)

♥IceRose, 15, Angel & Harpy