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Hi,it's me darkly, if you want to get in contact with the Metal Assault community that migrated to Thailand(Giga Slave), use this link below:

My In game name in Thailand is: Ylkrad

Forum name is darkly

ttyl :3

I'm not quite sure.
This image came from tumblr and when I saw it I immediately
fell in love... ;)
I tried looking for the source, but came up empty handed. :/
Anywho~ What games do you play on aeria? For me it's grand fantasia.

What animes are you watching, or have watched (your favorites?)

Oh, lol Letter Bee?
Mostly slice of life animes like Hanasaku Iroha and Anohana.
And of course Naruto Shippuden-Although I read the manga rather than watch it because the manga is farther ahead in the story line.

Lol, your proflie pic is of one of the main characters from Tegami Bachi, Gauche Suede/Noir. It's a good anime you should watch it ^^

Yea, me to. Although I watch alot of anime ;p
Tegami Bachi was a great anime, with a unique story line.

I was creepin' on the forums lol & found your profile.
I Love your pic of Noir :)

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I'm a Freshman in Highschool,
and part-time gamer, first generation wolfteamer.