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- Follow your heart Embrace your dreams and whatever may happen protect your honor.. -


The Script one off my Fav bands :)

Made by Me :)


Karma hugs :3

miss you sempyfi

*opening this page to hear the song* all day long :p

Loving the song! Karma for cutie.fi :3

I ish not stalker you just wish i was

Nee, ik heb geen toon die Ritva. heet. Ik heet Ritva of .Ritva.
Nogal kut dat iemand dus scamt in mijn naam..
Dat is nog niet eerder gebeurd. Ik zou nooit zoiets doen! :o


Blurb About Me

Name: Colin K
Game Names: ExG, KarmaStrikes , [GS]Semper.Fi , Semper.Fi
I'm half Spanish Half Dutch ;)
Age: 23
Born: The Netherlands - Rotterdam in Feb '91
Status: Private Ask if you like
Languages: -Main- Dutch(Native Language), English (fluent)Spanish( A Bit)
Writing: Dutch and English
Motto: Behind every door there is a answer that leads you back to memories you never wanna forget.

Kids: 0
Brothers and Sisters. 1 Older Sister, 1 Little brothers from a other mom (never saw him before)

Wanna know more Just ask please

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