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Blurb About Me

Hi guys :3 So I'm no longer looking forward to LO and I'm not playing any other games on Aeria atm so I really haven't been around much. If Aeria decides to chunk out a decent amount of $$$ for a worthwhile game, that might change, but until then, I'm playing a little GW2, Secret World and I just bought Defiance. I'm looking forward to the 1.2 Terraria expansion, and Terraria's spiritual successor, Starbound, Everquest Next and its sister sandbox, Landmark and the p2p mmo ESO... and possibly a game called Tug, but that one is a ways off.

I'm loud, obnoxious, narcissistic, spiteful, merciless, aggressive, loving, forgiving, honestly loyal, the underdog for everyone without a champion. I stutter. I speak to other stutters about what they can accomplish if they believe in themselves. That conquering the world is not impossible. That the only thing that holds you back is your fear. I get joy out of making people who would attempt to make fun of my stutter feel such utter shame. It sounds mean, but that person is that ignorant piece of crap kid that pushed you around and pulled your underwear up over your head or picked at you so much you actually began to believe the vial things that spewed from his lips. He's all grown up now and still terrorizing people because he's incapable of dealing with his own insecurities. Sometimes, I get it in my head that I was put on this earth to dispose of such witless waist. A little Hitler-esque, I guess.. I despise ignorance and even more so, when people rely on it to get them out of situations like its a viable excuse for doing something wrong...


*Sending you Karma* and hoping you're doing well. I was just checking in.

stuff. loud. noises.

Problem with going from Secret World to anything here, is like Einstein repeating the first grade, too easy.

You've read my mind.

No karma for u. o/


So... Nice day, huh?

LMFAO. Your profile picture is the best

Even better!

Parachute Pugs


Pre-Alpha Lime Fan