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  • Name: Dante
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  • Birth: Jun 15
  • Location: Leitchfield United States
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Thanks for your concerning dante :) yes my account got suspended for a silly reason, anyways hope you doing great c: and hope i can play with you someday again

I haven't seen him >.> Have you? ..

*Fireworks* Keep going Dante, you are meant to be the best HM Hunter ever c:
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thank you! You Rock :)

I dont know if you read your profile Dante but i just want to thank you for your wise words and you are such an example for a lot of people.

Maybe we disagreed in my things or maybe you though i wasnt in a good mood, at lest thats what i always though hehe sorry

Well Dante, im leaving forever now and just want to thank you for you help and for being my friend. Ages doesnt mean anything for having a good friendship.

Take care Keith and keep strong, my best wishes for you and your family.

Your friend Alexandra


hello Ari :)

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AGE may have made it accessible, but that does not always mean it is needed or healthy for a given zone. Often common sense should be taken into account more than ones ego. Food for thought...