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i love you~

♥ You cheeseburger. :3

youre gay

I hear you guys are using raidcall now :3 When we get our **** switched over, I can come on and sing "low" to you guys. lool.

Hope things are well on your end. ~

xjjiahawgiv ujaqwjeij Xainnnnnnn i found chu o::::

Hey Xain if you wanted a siggy just send me a picture of what you want, the text and your color preferences and I'll work something out for you. :)

So we've already established that you're awesome, and that I'm awesome. SoOooO I'm inviting you to participate in this contest that AG is hosting, I've already submitted an entry in the art category. So bust out your crayons and grab a piece of paper and participate if you're up for it. ^-^ LMAO.. I'm posting this for another contest, can't beat free stuff right? XD Here's the link.


>:) quit trying to eat glass then silleh.

Though u'll not respond. Miss me? HAHA xP

Xain :D