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  • Name: Kullen
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Blurb About Me

Not much to say... I am an artist, a gamer, a philosopher, a dreamer, a joker, a hard worker, a lover and a fighter. I love active imaginations in people. I value honor and commonsense. Both of which are a rarity anymore.


Forsaken but nor forgotten, thus are the gods I praise.



New Council has formed talk to Casey or Gin

Welcome back Digma

welcome back.... im not feeling RP right now... yea when i get the blues my interest in RP falls through the floor and im basically inactive or it flies though the roof and i never get off line.

well just so you know when you come back. we took the capital for you and Rufire is dead. She was no match for Lady Proxy charm.... or her keyblade lol. ether way it was a good fight.

well hope you come back some time soon ether way have a good new years





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