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Gah, no. I was distracted by another anime called Clannad--which I found to be a bit over-hyped. Gintama is next on my list. I'll soon let you know what I think about it, hehe.

Damn laptop made my comment get erased :'c But yeah, that sounds interesting. I don't really get bothered by mature content in anime, but for some reason, I do in movies with rl people. I know that seems immature, but I can't help it! Makes my stomach the series A Song of Ice and Fire for example. I love medieval-fantasy shows, but I just couldn't handle that one.

Forgive me for ranting. I'm at a bookstore trying to kill time. Also, I realized that video was a bit misleading once I watched the trailer, but it still looks like a fun watch, so I'm going to go ahead and download the series tonight. c:

Awww! Oh well~
Gintama is the name of the anime on your profile, right? Is it good?

How do you have no comments yet? You're so nice D:
Also, what server do you play on?