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Blurb About Me

A little something about me... I'm by nature a empath so I know what's going on with peoples moods, intensives. I attract ghosts, I suppose it's because they see me as a beacon and they want to channel their feelings to me... However, I find it rude and unconformable on my end. I have a affinity for the moon... It's beautiful and the light is refreshing on my skin.

I enjoy watching Sci-fi, Anime, BBC titles, PBS titles, History, and just about anything that strikes my attention... Oh and GAME OF THRONES!! Woooh It comes out on my BDay! Great bday gift if I say so myself! :)

If I had a car.. Id have either a olde fashion 68 Mustang, Challenger or a rice burner... I love the sound of a souped up engine.

My favorite color is Gray, I don't know why but it goes with anything like Black.

I plan on going back to college, prolly into Social Media, Art or something of the likes.

Im prolly sure I've spend a great deal playing WoW and since I do not have the internet nor the money to pay for the sub... I was looking into Eden Eternal for comfort since I crave MMOs. This is how I became to be here. :) I think I've blabbed enough. If you want add me please feel free to, I won't bite.