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Blurb About Me

If i could change my account name it would be Verenios but you know what its like your stuck FOREVER with it well not really but have spent too much money on items haha.

Anyways the names Scott in real but people online calls me Verenios as its like my online alias and the name i always use for male characters in MMO's etc but will find me on others such as Aleisheira if i decide to play female haha, Well anyways have lots of experience with MMO's have played heaps i cant remember anymore pretty much since the year 2000 and up been in so many alpha and closed beta testings all the way to now. :)

Currently studying Hardware Engineering/Electronics on Certificate 4 just 1 more year for my Diploma, So i can go off and be a computer technician and electrician some day haha when that comes these studies seem to never end, Also a father of two girls named Chloe and Tahlia who i love very much and will always treasure.

Oh oh yeah love anime and manga too haha i don't know what i would do without it! It would be hell i tell you haha but yeah any questions just leave a message or a comment.

Take Care!


Hiding within the Shadows... They can not stop the future, They can not stop what i am, I will not stop until its all over... If you stand in my way...Then accept your fate!


Eden Eternal: Sapphire Human - Verenios / Sapphire Human - Aleisheira
Scarlet Blade: Andromeda FK Defender of Genesis - Aleisheira / Andromeda RG Whipper of Murmaider - Asheleira



Guess who is giving u karma cupcakes lover ^.^

karma for the noop huehuehue

There i made a account! Useless brother.. =-=

Hey cool Avatar!
What Anime is that from it looks cool and one i havent seen!
It got my attencion maybe i wanna look at this anime :)
What's the Anime called?


its unfortunate.

cool avatar

i know lol

lol, Sometimes i say hi to people.. and they never responde lol *that doesn't happen often but it does* it hurts me lol