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After nearly 2 years with the Aeria community, I've been given a not so subtle hint, it's time for me to go permanently.

Recently 3 of the new gm's have denied me communication, on yim, without any kind of explination. This coupled with a very rare occasion where I asked another volenteer for help with a community event, as I admired a skill they possesed, but I did not. I was told by this New Forum sage, to find "another noob to do my work for me". As I have rarely ever asked anything of anyone and usually worked solo, I'm hurt and completely disenchanted with the volenteer system of team work.

There is a spot for anyone interested in graphics. If you care to help out the community by making the holiday 42x42 tags, please contact Superman with your interest and a sample of what you can create.

Merry Christmas and many blessings to you all in the New year.