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Hey been awhile :)
How are you?

OMG i love your profile pic Taiga

I miss you. True story. Hi :D

someone accidently put an extra D on the XD and i mentioned to tifa that i always thought of you when someone did that, then we started trying to remeber who did it, and we came up with Higure i think it was funny

you came up in a convo in megaten sb a few days ago all i have to say to you is

Karma for you!

Hehe. How you been btw? You only play GF these days? On gaia server I assume. To bad I play on the Bodor server. Btw long since we've talked, good to see you again ^^

And this

Hey how you been? And I have to show you this.

Hey how you been ? xD And well I'm also asking several people this hoping someone knows: I was wondering If you know If Norway has stores that has Aeria Fun Cards? If you don't can you check?

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Hello! I am your friendly neighborhood Chiru. ^_^

Former GS:
Grand Fantasia 1.6 yrs
MegaTen 1 year