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  • Name: Vegan Girl!
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  • Location: Mexico
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Blurb About Me

Because animals are NOT OURS to eat,
wear, experiment on, use for entertainment,
or abuse in any way!

Well, a lot of things changed. I was child when I started play Wolf Team. I know it for years. This account is just from year 2011 but I was here a long time ago and so many times. I stopped it just few months ago. I always loved Wolf Team, but it ended. I was from the top players, but I never had 'money' for better stuff. And then became era, when only 'money players' were playing and my friends ended. So, I was next, who ended. Now, it's year 2014 and I'm free from this game. I changed a lot.

Yes, I'm female. But I'm not some amateur. It's as I said - I'm from the top players and this game will never forget me.

But, this is the end. I'm sorry, but I don't think that I will return. Old times are gone and I just look sometimes here, what is happening. That's all. I don't play anymore.

Thanks, everybody. My best Korean friend, Zaruka & clan - I love you so much and thank You for the time, you played with me.

And, the most important thing what is needed in this world right now:
Please, GO VEGAN. Don't hurt innocent beings, don't hurt animals and planet.
Because only compassion can save us.