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everyone that helps me in ddtank ty =)
I dont like talk about myself much so yea =

I enjoy playing ddtank i only get upset when someone annoys me xD
my ign is Durch/AlaricƘ
=o why yes it is an unique username lol
oh i love my wifey =o she is the best thing that could have happen to me


Merry Durchmas >.>
I know u dun log but still~

Late Merry Durchmas~ o.o

I came back~ you're never on tho xD

boo xD
sup >.>
come back where? D:

Durch Durch Durch Durch Durch Durch Durch Durchhhhhhhhhh. Sup. xD

DurchFace o.o!

Durchie Porgie~

^_^" I miss you~

-Free Karma 4 You-

I've found you Durchy O__O