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Dead profile, thank you aeria!
My last moment in DWO - R.I.P. Jan-10-2014

Nothing to see here anymore :(


.......... R.I.P. XiahouBo.CL1 Dec-24-2011 / Jan-10-2014 | Was good meeting you all :3


Droping wassup!
Nice profile my friend!
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Guild Master.

poke poke XiaoQiao.JJ1 will never forget you :P

It's sad to see you leaving after DWO's closed. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and I hope everyone can meet each other again, another time and place.

You have been a good friend, Bo. Hope you find a suitable substitute for DWO, and I'll see you around Skype some!

take care Bo.
It was fun teasing you about the marbles.

Hey don't Dis wonky
she won me the Ugliest Lt.contest

Heiii, check your inbox, will ya? :D