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ahh i see DD: well...there's xFire...i have..and skype.. and my GS fb account (different from my irl one)

Thanks! c: I hope everything goes well with you too Lili. We should chat more, you haven't been on skype noticeably in awhile lol o;

lol gg! I've been...really busy with my uni classes lately so I haven't been able to get on often :c even then its only for a little bit on the weekends

Hey Lili how have you been? C: I haven't heard from you in forever D:

LMAO HEHE :) de rien

LOL y u do dis ;; I-I-I don't even .__.
oh! also, happy strongest day!!

u suck

Lol I checked. No I didn't D:

lol ydmto = ? o3o' ...
and what questions? D:

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