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Blurb About Me

STATUS: Waiting to play Lime Odyssey? Not anymore... Just gonna play Aura Kingdom.

What am I?
I'm ordinary guy who watch a lot of anime and play a lot of games.
I'm Asian and my English is not that good yet
Warning: If you're talking with me you might have to deal with some fail grammar~

Who am I?
My name is Shin but I don't mind if you call me by in game name.
I'm 21 years old born in year of monkey. It was Wednesday December 23.
I started my first MMORPG when I was 8 years old

What can I do?
• Being extremely active in MMORPG
• Some photoshop and graphic design
• Sleep all day if I don't have internet for any reason
• Play piano
• Math problem... I love math!!
• Break dance
• Fix your PC's problem
• For more information please ask directly~

Games that I have in my PC right now or currently playing
league of legends (Side game)
Aura Kingdom (Main game)
(note: main game is game that I am really active and side game is game that I play when get bored from main game)
For ign please ask directly either in comment box or chat with me

Have been played but already uninstalled
Dragon Saga
Dragon Nest
Eden Eternal
Elsword Online
Fairyland Online
Fantasy Earth Zero
Fantasy Tennis
FIFA Online
Flyff: Fly For Fun
FreeStyle Street Basketball
GetAmped 2
Ghost Online
Grand fantasia
GunZ: The Duel
Hero of The Newerth
Hot Dance Party (Steps)
Iris Online
Jade Dynasty
Legend of Martial Arts
Legend of Edda
Lost Saga
Luna Online
Monster Forest
Monster Hunter
Mu Online
Ragnarok Online
RAN Online
S4 League
Seal Online
Spirit tales
Soldier Front
Sudden Attack
Tales Runner
Trickster Online


The most hurtful wound is the one that never show on body.

My English suck? YES... I KNOW


Hey there! :D Sorry I just got to your comment so late, but thank you! Your profile is awesome, by the way :]

heya..:) nice profile..lollipop? +5karma for ya..^^

+5 Karma for u

Cute profile! >w<

Cute pic, I rated u k

. .t.y for aCcepting... ^o~

Mhmm~ Actually Jirachi though. :0




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