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  • Name: Shin or Sen
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  • Location: Shibuya Japan
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..arigato gozaimasu for the add ^^~
+5 karma for u

+5 for you ♫

Thankies for da add~
+5 karma for chuuu~ :3 Oh & chu in karma train, BONUS!! \o/

hanw love your picture ♥.♥ +5 for you!

Nice^^. +5 :)

Blurb About Me

Try something new..and belive myself.XD~just a simple person
I belive someday i'll have the most necessary part in my life that's one never i 4got,to be useful for our country we must do something that useful too, so we know what's good and bad~
~i love all my friends,my family and god.
~i love Pop songs
~always looking for new friends.
~being yourself.
~god is everything for me
~failure is not a reason to give up for me, but are instructions to go ahead.
~always trying something new but good
~I Hate someone that arrogant 100%
and i ever think to kill all the people who arrogant(hahaha this one is impossible)
@it's all about me, but you can judge for yourself
and one again,i hate the one who indifferent to me!!

My Favorite Anime: Code Geass(The Best Anime Ever for me), One Piece, Naruto, Angel Beats, AnoHana, KHR, Guilty Crown