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 photo amagi brilliant park_zpsbm27jh0a.gif


Thanks xD !
And your avatar looks dashing as ever~!
Your background made me laughed x)

Dat Grandia-like signature.

I make weird poems, heuheuhue!

I did? What is it? I'm pretty sure I didn't forget anything since I double checked.

xD thanks it was fun to make

ROFL your background is amazing. +5 karma for you

those entries for the signature contest you made are nice :D

ty! :3

Thanks! :3

Heres your siggy finally QvQ click Leave me karma if you like it :3

Blurb About Me

What can I say, if you've seen some of my entries in forum contests you'll see I've got a somewhat warped sense of humor. I blame Monty Python and Benny Hill. :)


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