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Yeah,so im ArcuiedxHolic of saph server.If you know me,then you know im a pretty "stable" guy, with an enjoyable random streak.Been on DOMO for over a year now. Can you believe it? Man does time fly~! Ive made awesome friends here and im married to the most amazing girl ive ever met. Its been a ton of fun, what with all the cookies,sprite punting and the stalking of random people.To all my friends visiting my page, leave me a comment so ill know you here and drop me some karma.And for anyone i dont know, id love to get to know you.Dont be shy i dont bite...hard.>.> So if you're ever on saph server, drop me a line and lets chat. Peace Dreamers. ^.^
*Jobs-lvl 60 fencer/BM/hunter
lvl 45-50 doc/muse/merc
*Pets-lvl 60 ori/se4 ruby/se1 lily/se4 jade
lvl 52 se2 saph

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am back bit-ch

Been a while o.o

Thanks for the add ^^
Yours too ,, +5 karma for u ^^
playing EEO too? ah, different server :D

got bored, visited ur page. it looks nice. ^-^

Love the Guitar Cover. Karma :D


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