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ohai apple


GL and have fun in star citizien :)

bye bye Apple,Have fun in whatever your gonna do now

die apple dipped in das chocloate caramel hhhhmmmm XD*lol

Ty Apple-Chan ^_^

-gives dan tat-

Thanks x3 twin

nani nani !

BOM BOM!! Karma n_n

Blurb About Me

Inactive ~~ :O in DWO to much meh and money sink of an game. And it's finally shutting down ! After aeria decides the butt f*ck everyone who spend money on it ! GG

Role playing account/character ^^

Im 25 years old, I live in Netherlands
I love anime (otaku)
Any and everything that is fluffy and puffy = adorable and I will hug it.

I like K-pop & J-pop artist
I like their style and their look
Also I love history and science

Im in to fashion specially Asian style. Also their make ups style (ullzang,gyaru etc.)

So in short I love adorable stuff ! innocence !!! yush im weird !

Moving to Age of Wulin , Blade and Soul and Star citizen

Aeria is a thief of an company lols ~~ why support them if they closes down games =.=