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Blurb About Me

Hellu :)

Welcome to my not-so-awesome profile :3 I've played(-ing) quite alot of Aeria's games, but currently focussing on Grand Fantasia (which I played in CB!) and Kitsu Saga.

My toons:-

~Tetris. 55UM Priest, on hold until Arvi gets a star (...)
~Solitaire. 30HM Mage, for teh lulz
~Pacman. 29UM Defender, on hold too because I accidently turned her into a Bdef :S
~Aisha. 15HM Priest, for pvp lulz
~BubbleBobble. 2x HM Fighter (!) for GRB at some point.

~Capricorn, Mistsong
~Pisces, Watermoon
~Virgo, Nothing yet, just name holding ^^


~Winterblood, 40 Sage

~Appaloosa, Zerker, 38
~Shiori, Cleric 61



mhm. I has no more toons ;D Except 1 that I made and put in koa XD

XD Exams finished and I'm on holiday, it's awesome :D get long ass summer holidays though :P
You too (: It came around so fast!
Oh yeah..I should probably tell you, I deleted all my toons xD Priest, Archer, Bdef, Other Priest and mage all gone XDD
Miss you too, take care :) *hearts*

XD I have exams atm too. Finished two, five more to go. /wrist!
Hate exams..:\ but i get like 10 weeks holiday once their done :)

That's good ^.^ I've played Grand Fantasia once XD Got like lvl 15, am nub =[
Awhhh that's lame! Well I don't really play shaiya nowadays o.o Am too lazy to grind epic amounts of time to get one level ._. Well it don't matter too much if you're gone from shaiya, as long as I see you around now and then QQ (Which I havn't lately D: ..timezones..again..gah.)
Miss you too :( ♥♥♥
Will hopefully catch you on sometime soon =\
My archer is still lvl 51 XD Has been for several months now hehe.

Btw! XD Those tetris themes are really catchy lmao.

^_^ Long time no see! D= Timezones, psh.
Am good =]
How've you been doin lately?^.^

hey kayyyy :P

Grats :O
Ding..ah wait..I don't level >.>

O.O I'm still teh same lvls^^
I don't really play anymore :|
Awh, I miss you too x.x
Your fault for goin to Gaia! hehe

Lol..59..omg x.x
Hardcore grindage much?



61 Cleric lfp~~