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Neo-Confucist, Taoist, Democratic, Socialist, History-lover, future history teacher, and future politician, possibly your future president of the United States.


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Comishes? You mean 'commissions'? That would depend on the type you're asking for.

That's a tough one, but Fu Xi's sword may fit nicely with the Stake style.

*o* Fellow Hetalia fan! *jumps* I'll always be a major Germany/Chibitalia/HRE/Russia fan. Canada/Austria/Belarus would be close runners-up. Is it sad that I've watched it so much that I learned Marukaite Chikyuu lyrics just by watching the credits? ;-;

Ah, I see. Mmm... Probably the formal wear, when it comes out. The red set - minus the bunny ears, obviously.

I meant OC as in a character that has nothing to do with a fandom. x3 Completely original. ... Yay! Yes. The VN is waaaaay better. LOLDeen screwed it up. Voice actors were perfect, though - seriously. Did you watch Higurashi as well?

Yeahhhh! So here's my next question: Did you read/watch the visual novels or did you just watch the anime? I've done both; the original VN is a thousand times better. :3 And... Crazeh. So no OC's? Aww... That's kinda disappointing. u.u

Umineko fan and a roleplayer! I like you already. ^^ What kind of roleplaying do you do?

Blurb About Me

Right here, you are staring at the world famous Sereniama, Lord of Sereniama's Channel of the Holy YouTube Empire, King of Dheynor, President of Purgatoria, Grand Duke of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory, Commander of the Chiester Imperial Guard, Grandmaster Sorceror of the Witch's Council, Grand Duke of the Earls of Hell, King of the Seven Princes of Hell, President of United States, General Secretary of the Soviet Union, King of Wei, and King of Jin. I am a huge Dynasty Warriors fan, and I am aiming to get Seven Empires after I get my PlayStation 3 for Solstice (Christmas). I am a Neo-Confuciust and a Taoist as my beliefs. I am a Socialist Democrat, and aiming to become a politician at age forty-eight. I am a strict roleplayer, and I hate "bad" roleplayers. Even though I am strict and serious, I have a light side to myself. It's just hard to see it at times.

If you add me on Skype, I will accept your contact details, just because I love socializing strangely enough.

The character on my avi is Belphegor from Umineko no naku Koro ni, one of my favourite characters from a visual novel/anime.

Ingame DWO name: Lucikins.DH1 (Luci-kins.DH1 if they allowed dashes)