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Blurb About Me

Okay, time for an update on this **** "me" thingy.

I really am more of a lurker then anything. I also have my hands in all sorts of interests, but not enough to be like a super "I-know-all-about-'subject'-better-then-you" fan. They're just plain creepy if you ask me. So I'm more then likely gonna ask questions to gain information that I need and what-not.

Hmmm, this is sounding a little disinterested for my tastes. Well I am a laid back type of person, a sort-of, go with the flow of things. I like gaming, but I do have a life out here in the real world, so I'm more then likely gonna be on-and-off, or gone for a long period of time, cause I'm more then likely gonna forget this account. Done it before, so I can see it happening again.

What else, chatting, adding, go ahead and add me, be an idiot jerk and I'll remove you and block you. As for chatting and all that, I'm pretty open to talk just about anything, I do consider myself mature enough for whatever topics, but still the kid in me will more then likely change the topics to more "fun" and useless directions, ye have been forewarned! Oh and another thing, I will most likely hound you if you start talking to me in "leet/chat" speech. I know my english is not all 'Oxford standards', but I mean come on. Talk like that and you sound like a 14 year old asking for trouble. And you all know what I mean by that.

Anyways, now that I got that aside, rant as well, I am pretty much easy to get along with. With crazy and random bouts more welcome to happen. In real life and on/in the internet world!