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I luv Zeppelin more than life Photobucket


Singer from electric guest in this head I hold was thr guy I thought you looked like!!!(half a year later) and I don't even know if it does look alike...where's my glasses ;/!


1# pffft telling me muh pups cute like i dont know!
2# ur young lol go a lil aimless in life!!
3# cash munehh i wants a job too :c but im derp n shy to pple
4# favorite numbers four so i had to make it...and!! while looking at ur profile pic i thought of the bloody beetroots n then found they finally made a video for rocksteady...the girl Marilyn Rondon is so...****...beautiful .-. i even put vid on repeat cuz i fanboyed so hard :c but yeee get backk att meeee!!! AND HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING I GUESS....IDK IF THAT WORKS ( ._.)

me drink @.@; neverrrr -.e AND OFCOURSE IM HAVING A GOOD TIME :Þ~ WHAT ABOUT YOUUUU WHAT have YOU been upp TOO :3

Who wasnt obssssededddd anddd how dare u day still epic!!! forevershallbeepic!!! Iloveloveyou ;c my fav was umm I,think his name was beatz? But chaaaaa u werent on when I,found that music video n now im like bloopblehhhgyrggles with the memory,so gg!!! Sadface ;c

Why thank you. You have a nice music interest as well.

P.s. You look like Steve-O

Arghhhhh I know the feeling but its not gunna get fun just talking bout itttt gottaaa fighhttt itt n go bawlz deeep into random shiz manggg :3 or just ionno play to amaazinggg dx

I think I have been god! Our good same same!! Got an angry lesbian on my case few days ago at some party our in middle of no where n few cigg burns n paying time on I guess good!!! (;! Wbu stranger!?!?!?

Im great I guess. and yo.
i almost give up Lime ;(

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Hi I like MMOs and I love Zeppelin. :D


Pre-Alpha Lime Fan