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Blurb About Me

Hey stawkur.
I'll just start off with my infatuation with Mac Miller.
My name is _ _ V _ n (would you like to buy a vowel?), but you can call me Vanny.
I liek rayas. Tee-hee.
I'm bad at talking bout myself...
So bai.
Aaron equals mi amor.♥ OHH YES.


oh hey carma add

hey =?D karma \\o

hei Aihai ♥

Sup son ^3^

Im sure it is :P ... That's it?

hei karma me =]

Fine x.x i will, buuuuut only cuz i love you :)

It is dont worry ♥ :) ... illll try? :D



so very much.

I love you more than you love me times infinity plus ten.