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OH MY, you got tags, GRAAAATS ♡

For the first few secs of your song, I thought you had a Pokemon theme playing.

Linhy made itttt! She doesn't accept requests anymore though. ;~; ♡

Nazrudin ended up in GF because it's the handle of the game release team's fearless (but mostly unseen by players) leader, and since I needed a name for a dragon in AK and he had previous dragon experience, I asked him if he wanted to be a video game character again. :D It's a cool name, though, so it works.

It's addictive.

wow such stalk, much impress. I'm surprised you got me. D:

Asdghgdgf, it's horrible. And our IT team keeps uninstalling all our not school related applicattions, can't use it in class from laptop.. ;~;

I'll be on more, Skype crashes on my phone all the time. ;-;

I'll be on moreeeee.