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  • Name: Adrian 'LoL Master' Bert Sowen
  • Gender: male
  • Location: Darwin, Australia
  • Join Date: Apr 27, 2012
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forbidden!im an aussie,youre an aussie,were all aussies!
DDTank:EAdrianE,lvl 8,Dragon Server and SBertS,lvl 1-8,Tiger server


My song


Lol hello (:

Blurb About Me

Hey,aeriagamers!I'm new to AG BTW.
I'm 27.....
I'm from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.
My nickname is Alberto.
People call me 'Adrian' or 'Bert'.
My Youtube acc name is TheBertIsCool.
My European name is Alberto Sowen.
(former gamer of DWO-2010)my DWO char is Verdaux.LL2 from LB(former acc)
(new gamer of DDTank-2012)my DDTank chars are EAdrianE of Dragon server(new acc,lvl 8)and SBertS of Tiger server(new acc,lvl 1-8)
thats it!

echsIncognito fan
(Cant show other information......bcuz its forbidden!!!)
beware:There's grief on yar pants!

LoL(League Of Legends) Master
Charatcers I have used:
Udyr,The Animal Spirit
Warwick,The Blood Hunter
Twisted Fate,The Card Master
Annie,The Dark Child
Nidalee,The Bestial Huntress
Master,Yi The Wuju Bladesman
Dr. Mundo,The Madman of Zaun
Heimerdinger,The Revered Inventor
Corki,The Daring Bombardier
Karma,The Enlightened One
Cho'Gath,The Terror of the Void
Sona,The Maven of the Strings