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*duct tapes you to the ShoutBox wall, wanders over to the brick oven and tosses some logs in on top of kindling, lights the fire, then goes over to a countertop; adds flour and yeast to a bowl, then some warm water and a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, and then stirs with a fork, sprinkling a little salt in the mix, pours more ev olive oil over the whole ball of dough, lifting it with the fork to make sure the bottom and sides are also covered, and then covers the bowl with a plate and sets it near (but not too near) the oven to let it rise; steps out into the conservatory and harvests some lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, arugula, and chard, then brings them inside and prepares a large salad, then covers and sets in the fridge; wanders back to the countertop and begins peeling and dicing tomatoes, adding a little garlic, sea salt, black pepper, and oregano, then puts this all into a pan with more ev olive oil and begins to turn it into sauce, stirring to keep it from sticking and then adding a tiny bit of red wine vinegar; continues cooking till it begins to bubble and then reduces heat and stirs occasionally; grabs the formaggio parmigiano reggiano and formaggio pecorino romano from the fridge and grates into another bowl, then covers and puts all of this back into the fridge; steps out to the conservatory again and picks some fresh basil; comes back in and waits while stirring the sauce occasionally; removes the sauce from the heat, pours into a bowl and covers, sets it aside; checks the oven and adds a couple more logs; takes the dough from the bowl where it has been rising by the oven and places it on a flat surface, then works it, kneading it into a flat disc-ish shape, tosses it into the air a few times spinning, pats it out some more between her hands, lays it flat; lets it sit for a few and adds a couple more logs to the fire; takes the sauce and pours it over the dough; removes the stem bits from the ends of the basil leaves and lays them whole across the top of the sauce; retrieves the grated formaggi from the fridge and sprinkles liberally over the whole shebang; slides a peel under the pie and takes it to the bare and hot stone of the oven, nestling it in near the fire; waits a couple of minutes, then uses the peel again to turn the pizza, and repeats this process twice more; slides the peel under the pie and pulls it out a bit to check; satisfied, takes it to the countertop and lays it on a pan to cool; waits a couple of minutes, then cuts it into 8 slices, reserving two for herself and passing the other slices out to MissRemedy, Kitten, and Swirl, along with a bowl of salad to each and a bowl of salad for herself (Italian dressing on all); ensures everyone has napkins, a fork, a knife, and a drink; sits with the other ladies and eats while snickering at you still stuck to the wall* Steal my cookies and leave tofu behind, will you? Now you suffer the consequences.

I had like no sleep the night before, so yeah~ :D

whooops. missed you on shoutbox earlier(was napping after class). So just saying hi, and awesome gif of Lightning~ :O


Yes very great job c:

Vocaloid Fan :O

wuts yo league name

Blurb About Me

My major is to become a Game Designer.
I am the Ex-GameSage of Scarlet Blade.

Life Of GameSage
1) What does GameSage do?
They help players with the basic stuff ingame and on forums. They do not need to know technical stuff and other things that does not help new players or returning players who have forgotten how to play. They assist players on answering question and forwarding players ticket(if that ticket is pass the time limit). They also report players for going against ToS or report any player creating havoc in the forums/ingame.
2)If the GameSage is not available how do I send a ticket or ask a question?
Basic Ticket System Guide, if the GameSage is not available. You may ask the community or search on forum for your answer. Please do search on forum before posting the same topic. If you cannot find the topic or the answer isn't there then you may post it and the community will try to help you out.
3)How does one apply for GameSage? Is there a requirement?
To apply for GameSage, go to the game forum you are playing and look for a GameSage Application. Read the thread and follow the instruction. Yes, there are requirement for GameSage, you can find it here:Requirements
4)What is the common thing that is been said to you as a GameSage?
The common thing I get ingame and usually on forum is why don't I fix the game, content, or the Aeria website. Do note that GameSage are players, we do not fix anything, we don't work for Aeria, and we do not have the power to change things(beside the forum mods and GameMaster).
5)What is the best thing about being a GameSage?
The friends you make from many places on forums.The knowledge you obtain about the game you are playing, as well as bit of information that you will learn later on. It will also look good when you want to apply to other game as a GameSage.
6)What is the worst thing about being a GameSage?
The constant battle of reporting players, dealing with cyber-bullies, trolls, and people who likes to argue whether they are right or wrong and wants to win. There are couple of people that I had to deal with. Basically, you can reply back with your opinion. Or you can choose to ignore them. Those people like to report anything that can get a certain GameSage in trouble, even if its useless. They will provoke and attack until they win. Usually there are other GM and GS watching the chat. So they know who is trolling, harassing, and such. If they send a ticket about you. Don't get offended, let them send and the GM will look at chat log and see whether you are the guilty one or the victim.
7)How to deal with haters?
As a GameSage and a player, you have a responsibility. You give help and support. If the players choose to fight with you or interfere with you. Simply ignore them and continue as you were. You have a choice, you may speak on behalf of yourself as a player or speak on behalf as a GameSage.
8)GameSage and Aeria Relation
You do not work for Aeria, but you volunteer for them. You are a bridge that connects players and Aeria. Your connection may or may not seem to help changes but keep trying. You do not have to agree with Aeria on many things, and you do not have to accept all players idea of changes. However, find a balance and try to work with both side. Leave all bias and opinion aside. Think critically before saying or writing on forums. Listening to both side of the story can help along way. If changes doesn't happen, and sometime is doesn't happen. Try to make the best of it.
9)Choosing sides: Aeria or Players:
From my experience players are the one that have more knowledge about the game they play. However even suggesting changes, it is ultimately up to the devs that give Aeria the program and tools to fix and change content. Collectively Players have info/a bit that can make the game great or ultimately make the game fall. Example is gold inflation, hacking, exploiting, etc. These types of players will create problems that can make the game unexciting to play.
10)Whose is to blame: GS or GM?
Blaming, everyone likes to blame others but not take the blame. You may say you take the blame, but really you only take the blame for things that have little to no effect. This may not apply to you. Blaming on the GS does nothing really, they have no power to change things ingame, they can only report and assist players. Blame the GM, sure you can but tell me this. Have you work for Aeria? Have you been in their position as a GM? I am not talking about being GM for like Blizzard, Nexon, or any of those. If you haven't then before blaming, think and do a bit of research before blaming. Because in the end whether you may be right or wrong, you need prove to back up that argument. Without proof, since this is the internet. People will have little care of what you say. Most vast majority will only agree with you because they think the same way or want to be part of the majority group and doesn't want to feel exile.
11)This is not rocket science they should be able to fix the website,forums, and game!!!
Before posting that meme or sentence about 'This is not rocket science', first are you able to do their work and create a better result? Have you ever work in their field before? Do you even have the advance knowledge that they have? (I don't mean looking up on internet, but have an actual degree in the field). If not, you shouldn't be posting it. You cannot do their job as well as they can. Human make error, no one is perfect. Not even the program is perfect. There will always be flaw. Live with it. If you can do a better job, then apply for Aeria and show them. If you can't just walk away. Quote:Less talking, more action.

Thanks for listening to my rant. GameSage is not a hard job and its not an easy job. It takes time to learn. So don't be afraid there are other GS and GM to help you along the way.

Feel free to pm me if you need help with something.