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Blurb About Me

Name : Sultan Hakeem
Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Age : 24
Job: Philip Morris International / Job Title: Consumer Engagement executive.

Likes :
My Job : We host a lot of events and i have some photos for you to see ^^
Gaming: (PS3, XBox, PC, Arcade and preity much anything that runs a game)
Wildlife: Dogs, Cats, Snakes, Parrots and little fluffy active creachers :3 )
Sports: i got lazy over the previous couple of months but i like (going to the GYM, Swimming, bicycling, Walking "not long though".)
Most importantly Anime i love watching anime all the time and try to CS some.

Dislikes :
Troll's, Whiners, RageQuitters, hackers, bug abusers, Racists, Spiders, roaches.
and a hole lot more that would get boring so "SKIP"

Photos of me:

Photos of my Job:



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