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oh ok um how do you install GIMP?

umm how do you color pictures on computer what program? is PAINT okay?

alright i will your drawings are so cute!!

aw your in centaur im going to have to make a new account lol

whats your name in Ddtank?

your drawings are all so Cutiful lol~~

pegasus and name is : desuuuu
ehhhh maybe digimon is ok it just looked Kawaii lol..

yea i play ddtank as well

chibi is fine, just go with whatever you think suits it well :)

No it's fine, I understand that it may take awhile and I accept that.
Thanks for the message. :)



Blurb About Me

I use the Library internet and computers so is not like I don't want to come is just that is 2 miles away the library and I come walking and they don't open on holidays. I'm a cat person cuz dogs hate me but I pet dogs even if they'll bite me xD