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Hello Everyone! My name is James. I am a 25 years old proud father of a one and a half year old daughter (born 9-15-11) named Destiny and husband to an amazing wife (married 6-2-2011) named Sarah (dalilprincess90) from Upstate New York. If you need me I'm usually playing DDtank on the Dragon Server: dalilprince87 (My wife came up with the name and the servers merged so I lost my former name 13GuardianAngel.) I also play on Tiger server (guardianXangel) and just started a character on Phoenix server (GuardianAngel) I hope to improve and have fun! See you later!

and yes, I used to be known as FALLEN1x9ANGEL on DoMO, that account is not mine any more though...


i said u have a amazing blurb o-o'

-claps claps claps- Amazing blurb O-O

Hey~James can we meets inn ddtank?o_O

xD i don't know :P

Hoola Boola x)




~You don't inherit the world from your parents, you borrow it from your children~