3 weeks ago1

wassup bro long time no chat


9 weeks ago1

Hey. ^^


34 weeks ago1

Lol.. "Flirt" =.=
I just log in to save my IGN~
I probably won't touch it until Canon class release, I was hoping to see you guys there I guess not :x


34 weeks ago1

=_= don't pile up all the women in same category...
I mean yea, some are annoying and cheeky and noisy and think that everything will go there way if they whine and act bossy =-=" But!! Not every girl is like that! Note it down!!
And well... I'm making myself a bit... softer now (_ _)" Erm.. I think I need to be more social if I want to survive in college since there are so many group projects and my job depends on my circles as well so~~~


35 weeks ago1

Just saying, I'm at Twin Saga currently..


36 weeks ago1

Is it? xD
And weell I'm good! I haven't started college yet but it'll start soon..! I hope.. >_>"
And how are you? Aside from being heartbroken.. ._.'


37 weeks ago1

._." ..... you okay? Do your best ok?? >:3


38 weeks ago1

Lolol no~??? Well I'm only in touch with CartoonGarfield if you remember who that bakakaka is! Oh and crazy too~ and Snow maybe~
New is weeelll~ Nothing xD What about you??


39 weeks ago1

Hey obe~ Just busy with my entrance exam
How are you?


42 weeks ago1

Home is in Florida and in England. I travel between the two, to visit friends and family. My actual house in in England, but I sometimes stay in Florida for several weeks at a time between semesters.