Pro-Unrestrained Freedom of Speech Viewpoint 19A

General posted by Kibykirby101 - May 31st 2014

This is what I wrote for my U.S. History class back in high school on May 10, 2011. =3
It's not very long, only about a page length, but it's going up here anyway. XD
*ahem* Here we go:
Why should we not protest a war that began based on such silly terms: an Austrian prince, who was never liked because of his haughtiness, was shot and killed by a Serbian?
To me, this war was rather pointless and I am ashamed that we were even pulled into that! The Freedom of Speech clause should not be restricted at /any/ time by the U.S. government, even during war. We shouldn't even reject Germans and their philosophies simply because of Germany being our enemy in the war. This restriction is unfair to each and every one of the people living in the U.S. because most of the things people say are only opinions - as long as it's not going as far as threatening to cause harm to someone.
(Added today) Or going so far as to cause hurt/harm to someone, of any kind that's transposed with words.
Even the Freedom of Speech clause has limits.
And there's the essay, with an added "flare". =3
Enjoy. XD


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just yes..!

posted by greenyoshi777 - Sat, 05/31/2014 - 7:57pm

And that "flare" did wonders! XD