Dubs vs. Subs

Rants posted by Kirbyna123 - April 15th 2014

Whenever the thing of dubs or subs you choose, most of the people pick subs and they say bad things to the dub lovers, such as "burn in hell or all dubs should burn." something related to that. the minimal amount of people pick dubs because they like it and stuff, and they say that there're some awesome dubs out there, and there is. Fairy tail, K-ON!, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and more. I don't get why people find it happy and all cool to make fun of the person who chose dubs or subs, its just….. just CRUEL!! If there was another thing about this, I would say i don't give a crap because either way they will sound good. Some animes suck and we all agree on it. If you like subs and like it? Good thats nice to know! But if you like subs because Japan compared to the US is very big, and your american think again how long it takes to make a dub. I also have to say that some dub lovers do it too. Subs are more available and there are more than dubs, and lots of people like dubs so they can learn it in their own language. The last time this happened to me, I cried because people were saying that Japan overpowers, or English dubs suck and the lover need to die in hell. Remember, Japan was against us in WWII, and its ok to research their culture and language. If they got more advanced technology, or anime DOES NOT mean that Japan is superior against the USA. USA is the one who saved the world from Adolf Hitler, and after world war 2 we were the most superior right next to Russia. Japan is very unique in its culture, and go visit if you want to. Just saying that the subs vs. dubs thing, and the mean comments about dub and sub lovers over each other is just a stupid argument that will just lead to endless chaos, so PLEASE stop with the dubs vs. subs things it just leads to chaos on the internet.


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