AK Founders Beta, thus far.

Gaming posted by flintx32 - December 17th 2013

So Founders Beta has gone fairly well for me. I hit 42 pretty quickly and was able to get some pretty solid gear. After watching the live stream they post today. They mentioned that 40+ gets difficult, but I kind of expected that. I went Gunslinger + Grenadier for Founders and I'm pretty pleased with it. I like the all firepower. I did the Monster spawning thing with GM Leo, but disconnected at the end. When I tried to log back in the maintenance started. Hopefully I didn't miss out on any epic gear. On the other hand, everything will get whipped so anything I missed out on will probably go away anyways. Was a good time though. I also joined a guild briefly, but apparently the leader left without even mentioning anything. It was kinda odd but I didn't see myself staying with them anyways. I scored the IGN Flint so if anyone wants to friend or run something I would be more than happy.


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Monster spawning was pretty

posted by flintx32 - Fri, 12/20/2013 - 3:36pm

Monster spawning was pretty cool, got to fight a couple of the dungeon bosses outside of their dungeons. GM Leo was talking about the point of the event was to test how mobs would do in open fields in the event they host similar events and such. He mentioned that dungeon mobs probably wouldn't be used due to the drops and exp they give. Would be unbalanced. I figured that though. Normally games will have special versions of bosses or new ones all together for events. Didn't miss a whole lot just data gathering similar to that used in the portal games with GM Leo playing Glados. LOL!


posted by shima.luan - Wed, 12/18/2013 - 5:42am

I hit level 40 last night and got disconnected as well. I took it as a sign that I'd been playing too long for the day XD How was the monster spawning? I completely forgot about it. >_