Aura Kingdom - Play On 'Til You Hit 40!

Gaming posted by shima.luan - December 17th 2013

Funny Conversations
So today I thought I'd cover some of the interesting things that you can do in Aura Kingdom First, I'll start off with what I'll call "flavor text." These are conversations between NPCs you can listen in on and they are usually denoted by a gold word bubble with three dots in it like this "...". After listening through the entire conversation (provided that your presence initiated it), you'll get an achivement. These have funny names and sometimes give you titles you can use to your benefit.
Pop Ups You Can't Ignore
Sometimes after particular events (story, a good combo, a certain number of monsters killed, etc.) one of your Eidolons will pop up (or drop in) on your screen. They'll say a few things and then pop off again. I've noticed that Sigrun (the one pictured above) is a little... blunt more often than not. I prefer Serif since he's much more amiable.
Parties and Friends
In Aura Kingdom you can have a party of up to five players (each with up to three Eidolons, two of which are on standby). Partying is the best way to get experience and work on quests, especially if one of you is devoted to healing and support. Pictured here are the two founding members of the guild Onward_Panther, so please do join if you like! Damien (pictured above) is jaxter20 and I'm Shima (of course!).
To 40 and Beyond
It seems like the content is currently capped at level 40, though you can still level up past this. At level 40, you can choose a second weapon type to specialize in (which I haven't done yet unfortunately) and gain access to special skills granted to those weapon pairings. Be careful though! Not all weapon pairings have special skills that go along with them.

You've probably noticed the costume changes throughout these images. Aura Kingdom has made access to most basic full-body costumes pretty open and easy right now. They even have a special tab in the warehouse to store costumes specifically! I'd advise you to hold onto your costumes, though keep in mind that (apparently) once you've worn a costume, other players can't use it. I haven't tested this out personally yet, but this is what the game warns against.

Anyway, I've been playing quite a while today, so I think I'll watch a bit of Dr. Who and get some early shut-eye. Remember! you can always friend me here or in the game; just drop me a hello! Joining Onward_Panther (both here and in the game) is also free to anyone who'd like to join. We're all friends here. ^_^

-Shima Luan


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No worries!

posted by shima.luan - Wed, 12/18/2013 - 5:38am

It'll all be there when Closed Beta starts. ^_^ Technically the packs are still on sale, but I don't know if the prices are still reduced or not.
-Shima Luan

Looks good!

posted by Llusion55 - Tue, 12/17/2013 - 10:24pm

Aw mann I wish I bought a founders package Dx