GM's Thanksgiving...2013

Humor posted by Sunshine25197 - November 26th 2013

For the forum event 'Thanksgiving with the GM's' and for fun :D
Just to let you readers know, I know this is short and not as detailed as I wanted it to be, but I hope you'll enjoy it and look foward towards Thanksgiving in-game and in-real life :D

Last Minute Zombie Turkey
"What are you doing?!" Exia yelled. "What do you think I'm doing? I'm adding the stuffing to the turkey." Pizza exclaimed. "Hahaha! You must be joking right? You just mashed up a pizza!" 8Bit yelled in amusment. *Knock*knock* "Ohhh great. Who could that be?" Obspho said. Pizza washes up and heads for the door. "Tadaaa!! It's me!" Nyago yelled in happiness. "I missed you guys so much!! How's Aven? Are the GS's doing okkay?! Did the alpacas escape!!? I'm going crazy here!!!" "...Glad to have you back...Nyago." Obspho said. Suddenly, aiMBackwords comes and shadders a window. "Turkey!! Turkey! Is there turkey?!!" aiMbackwards desperately said. "aiM, welcome back too. Looks like everyones here I think." Exia said. "Ohh! The pi-... I mean turkery should be prepared now...hehe." Pizza said nervously. "Pizza you never change." Nyago said.
Pizza adds the last load of "stuffing" into the turkey and puts it in the oven. "Okkay then, turkey should be ready in a few. What should we do while we wait?" "Alpaca race!!!" 8Bit said in excitment. "Mhmm...sounds good." Obspho said. "So, how about we start in Limestone. Finishing point is Devastation Dimension and back. You all know the rules, right? *wink*wink*" aiM said. They all head to Limestone near the bridge heading to Andrew village.
Exia: "One.."
Nyago: "Two.."
Pizza: "Three..!"
As the six of them race in desperate of winning...Exia thinks of the so-called pi-...turkey. After awhile...oh I don't know maybe a "long" time, they've already reached to the Devastation Dimension and back. "Oh long have we've been gone?" Nyago said. "Dunno." aiM says. "T-the turkey!!!" Pizza yells. "Let's head back to NOW!" 8Bit annouced.
They rushed quickly to Aven and head to Pizza's aparment. He puts on his mitten and slowly opens the oven. He takes it out and sets it on the dining table and...And...AND!!?" "'s all burned and crippled looking..." Obspho said. "Noooo!!! My pizza turkey is ruined!!!" Pizza yelled. " deserved it for adding pizza instead of actual stuffing!" Exia laughed. "Well...what now? There's no turkey to eat." 8Bit said. "I think we all know what to do now..." aiM said. They all gathered in a circle and yelled....
"Happy Thanksgiving Eden!"

5 seconds later the turkey arises and eats everyone! o 3o
Characters: Pizza, Obspho, Exia, 8Bit, aiMBackwards, and Nyago^^
[Dun forget the zombie-pizza turkey]


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