Eden Eternal's Thanksgiving 2013

General posted by Jendreams - November 25th 2013

The day started bright and sunshiny, with the leaves on the trees still turning gold. The perfect fall day in Eden Eternal, and a very special day to celebrate.
“It’s here! It’s here!” Exia sang as he danced and jumped into Aven’s meeting room.
“What’s here?” 8Bit asked him.
“Today’s the day we get to visit Obspho’s house out in the countryside and get free dinner!” Exia sang back at him.
“Well, not quite free dinner. We each have to bring something with us.” Pizza reminded them. “We have one hour before we have to be there, so you had better think of something fast.”
The GM’s looked at each other, each thinking hard. Exia was the first to jump out of his seat, and with the speed of a trained Gundam he disappeared through the door, waving a hasty goodbye. Pizza was the next to leave the room, albeit in a more sedate manner than Exia, he too gave a quick wave to 8Bit before closing the door behind him.
Left alone in the room for a moment, 8Bit considered his food options, after about 5 minutes, he had thought of the perfect thing to take with him. The meeting room was left empty, as the GM’s began their quest to find the perfect food to take to Obspho’s Thanksgiving dinner.
The hour had passed quickly, and the GM’s were slowly gathering by the portal, the designated meeting place, before heading through it to the area Obspho lived in. Pizza was punctual as usual, and Exia was last to arrive.
“Has everyone found something to take with them?” 8Bit asked. The others nodded, and Pizza led the way, calling out their destination. “To Searing Valley!”
As the GM’s stepped out of the portal, they were greeted with the sights and sounds of the forest and the welcome sight of Obspho’s house not far away.
“Hey guys!” Obspho greeted them, “It’s good to see you all. And hey, you brought stuff too, that’s great!” He smiled at them all, before showing them into his house and telling them to just put their packages onto the table.
“I’m sure dinner will be great, but first things first, we have to get a turkey. Don’t worry; they’re not that hard to catch.”
Exia looked at 8Bit, “We have to catch one?! “ 8Bit looked back, “I guess so. Come on Exia don’t get left behind.” Obspho and Pizza were already out the door, and limbering up for the chase ahead. “You know I don’t like running,” Exia muttered to himself, going out after them.
“Right, it’s fairly simple to catch a turkey, they don’t run that fast,” Obspho began, he went on to tell them about all the strange bird’s habits in Eden Eternal, “ So that’s about everything you need to know. Any questions?” There were none, he had explained everything well and to the point. “Let’s go!” he said, heading off into the forest.
The GM’s had agreed it would be quicker to separate and look for a turkey on their own, then band together to catch it. Each had equipped their Radar Headsets, and tuned in to the same channel. The hunt was on!
There were a few setbacks of course, Pizza had climbed a tree to see if it was a turkey in the top of it, but it turned out to be one of the local tree-crabs who tried to pinch him with its pincers, he quickly climbed back down again. 8Bit had tried to set a snare for a turkey, but had caught a fish instead. And Exia managed to run into the most trouble of all, he stepped into a magnetic field just as he finally spotted the mysterious Turkey, which caused him to radio the others constantly about ‘needing dispensers’. Obspho was the only one who managed not to run into any trouble, and once they had extricated Exia from the field, who was complaining heavily about feedback from his Radar Headset, they turned their attention to hunting the turkey once again. “It went off in that direction,” Exia pointed.
“I’m surprised all that noise you made didn’t cause it to run off entirely,” Obspho responded.

The GM’s crept silently through the woods together, having turned off their Headsets to prevent more dispenser spam, as there were a lot of magnetic areas in the direction the turkey had wandered off in.
“There it is,” Exia breathed, looking on in awe at the magnificent bird. “We’re gonna catch that?” he asked Obspho.
Obspho grinned back at him, “Yep. On my mark, three, two, one,”
“For Eden!” Pizza cried, firing his Pizza Cannon, the net hit the turkey in the eye. 8Bit was already jumping onto the Turkey though, and wrestling it down, which was fine until it started to run. Soon a whole parade was running through the forest, 8Bit on the Turkey, Pizza behind them still firing his cannon when he could, and nets going all over the place. Exia followed behind Pizza in his Gundam, pounding the ground near the Turkey to get it to run back to Obspho’s house, and lastly Obspho running along beside them shouting encouragement. The tired group finally made it back to Obspho’s house where the Turkey obligingly let 8Bit off; he immediately fell into a heap on the ground, till Pizza gave him some skittles to revive him. Exia’s eyes lit up at the sight of these, and Pizza tossed him some too. They were very quickly eaten. Obspho saw to the Turkey, leading it to a pen, and giving it some water to drink. Once all had recovered a bit, Exia asked, “So what happens now?”
“Now, we wait a few minutes, then it should appear,” Obspho replied.
“What will?” Exia asked, just as the Turkey began to glow a bit, then there was a faint popping sound and an egg rolled out in front of Obspho’s feet. “That,” he said, pointing.
Obspho then led the way inside his house, and showed the other GM’s that when you cracked open this egg, a whole Turkey, freshly cooked rolled out and onto the waiting plate he had set out.
“Wow, how does that work?” 8Bit asked.
“It’s a special skill the Turkey’s have, they only appear at this time of year, and for this one day, they will lay a whole meal.” Obspho replied.
As they sat down at the table, Pizza began to tell the others the legend of the First Turkeys. How when the First Eternal Guardians had appeared, on this day thousands of years ago, when the very first Crystals were found, the Turkeys had appeared too, each nearby a Guardian’s crystal. The Eternal Guardians had quickly befriended these Turkeys, and so the Turkeys let the Guardians have their first egg. The magic of the crystal affected it however, and so the Roast Turkey had appeared instead of the usual egg with yolk. The Turkey had also been tamed by the Eternal Guardians, and was forever after one of the creatures that could be tamed and become a Mount, happy to take Guardians to wherever their quests led them.
“And so, ever since that day, we catch and receive the egg of a Turkey in remembrance of our ancestors, the First Eternal Guardians,” Obspho finished.
Then it was time for the GM’s to show the food that they had brought with them, Pizza had brought some of the famous Rose Milk from a special farm he knew in the Highlands of Eden Eternal. 8Bit had baked some of his special Eyebloom Bread, using only the finest ingredients. And Exia unwrapped his parcel to reveal a rare delicacy, Decadent Crabby Patty’s!
Obspho led the GM’s in appreciating and thanking each of them for bringing something, and giving thanks for the amazing meal they shared together. There was much laughing throughout the meal and the GM’s smiled at the memories of the amazing day they’d had.
Another year had passed, and Thanksgiving was over in Eden Eternal.


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