Gaming posted by brycemann - November 17th 2013

Hi guys this is brycemann and today I'm going to talk about wartune. It is a fun game that you will enjoy and has gotten better with it's new update. It is a fun not to complicated game for all ages with amazing events. You can create a knight which are bad but look cool, a archer which is the most powerful and can win lots of events(gold, prizes), and there is the Mage which is in the middle but can heal. Wartune is a fun game going to level 80 with different armor and ways to level up. If you start playing and you get bord at least try to get to level 50 because that's all the action. If your thinking this is going to be a money spender it isn't really you can earn bound balens and get stuff but if you are a game player spend money, get an archer and head for the top. Ok guys that's it for now, tell me if you have any questions.



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wartune ^^

posted by Ian207 - Mon, 11/18/2013 - 3:11pm

yo bro, all classes are equal, depending on how you build them. just a comment XD