a.v.a its now or never

Gaming posted by gohersway - November 15th 2013

I might not know how to tell something in a way that a.v.a or everybody will understand may be its up to each individual brain how he perceive and react but i can try, so without any sense less talk the main point a.v.a if i created a room i want some admin rights which are.

1) Remain the host until me online and inside that room.
you may say for better experience it cant be done OK I understand then make it optional and leave it to ROOM CREATOR weather he want to leave hosting the game or not.

2) Rights to kick during the game while you hosting.

3) Don't change the host at the end of each game as sometime the hacker itself becomes the host.


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posted by nomi_baadshah - Fri, 11/15/2013 - 4:25am

yes you are right aeria should have done it years ago !!..