The Solo gamer...most of the time =D

Gaming posted by Dealtaspark36 - November 11th 2013

Hey there, My name is gamer name is Deltaspark.

I am a solo campaign gamer, the only multiplayer game I've ever frequently play is Eden Eternal.

So if your out there grinding alone with no buddies to cheer you on here is some useful tips to help you along in your gaming life.

1.Good music, jamming to your favourite tunes can always make solitude better, sometimes it can also improve your skills. Personally I have a certain skill set for each genre I listen too, it makes life interesting. E.G when I listen to classic rock I can tank/supress kill massive amounts of enemies.

2.Have a goal, games can be boring you get to a stage where you sometimes feel like " I am seriously over this, everyone has more achievements, skill, money/gold than me, nobody wants to be my friend.. so why am I still playing" well then set yourself personal goals that stem away from the usual achievements, For example when I play Eden I have multiple classes all of them are not max level but I still have them, why because I needed something to do to get me back into the mood to play.

3.Exploration, take sometime to appreciate the game your playing, the graphics the surrounding the ambiance, it may seem stupid but the human mind can amaze and sometimes, just sometimes you can lose yourself in that wonder...not in a negative way, but in a calming effect.

4.Monster/enemy mashing. Personally I feel good about myself when I walk into a hard Dungeon with equipment that was not crafted bought or earned, just your standard low level garbage that us players that cant afford the good stuff use, and manage to destroy that dungeon, beat the mobs and earn the loot. Its hard but very fulfilling knowing that your good on your own skill and button mashing.

well enough of my ramblings
if you like my tips please let me know and I will post more stuff soon

Kind regards Deltaspark


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