Dude! Awesome computer giveaway. I hope I win!!

General posted by hevers1981 - September 20th 2013

Everyone likes free stuff and this gamers rig is a beast server board.

Motherboard - EVGA SRX

Processor - Intel Xeon 2687 (Cpu x2)

Cpu Cooling - Frostbyte 360 x2

Memory - 96 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum (1600 Speed)

Graphics - Nvidia GTX Titan (x4 Graphics SLI)

Hard Drive - 240 GB NeutronGTX Solidstate (x2 Raid 0)

Case - Corsair 900D (Custom Alliance Paint)

Power Supply - 1500 Watt EVGA Supernova Classified

What are your guys thoughts on it?

Awesome computer giveaway!


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