K-pop artists [Girls]

Music posted by KuroNeko2012 - September 20th 2013

My favourite girl groups and Solo girls ^^
2NE1❤- CL is my girl crush okay :3
F(x)❤- OMG Amber!! ;~;
EVOL❤- Cant wait to hear more from them!
4Minute❤- hyuna bias, bubble bubble pop~
BrownEyedGirls❤- I dance abracadabra everywhere
Crayon Pop❤- Don't hate :/
Miss A❤- I don't need a man, I don't need a man! what?
Sistar❤ - So beautiful~
WonderGirls❤- Like them yo like them
Girls Generation❤- Of course ^-^
KARA❤- Nicole!!
Ailee- I'll show you!
OrangeCaramel❤- Love lipstick
Hello Venus❤- Starting to like them..
AOA❤- amazing band
Secret❤- Shy Shy Shy boy~!
EXID❤- Miss listening to them
Nine Muses❤- Wild is a great song!
Lee Hi❤- OMG that jazzy voice~ *melt*
Hi Lee❤- So pretty and Sassy
IU❤- Pretty ^-^


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