Friends posted by great_haseo - July 24th 2013

hai.. my grand fantasia id is tsuna21.
i may look like a noob. but actually i already play this game for a long time ago.. and have chance to stop.. and now i back to this game...
i like to kill systan.. because i like kill cool things lol!.
btw. its nice to meet you all

i recently made some friend... but i make enemies too:(
one guild master just block me. because i said "uuh i don't get the systan" and then we had a fight he snap.. what should i do?

looks like. my grand fantasia world will be interesting this time.. just make sure you check out my blog ok? i sell things.. and have discon sometimes to help noobs.

just check out on billboard or my blog. you can order things through mail. but i won't always fulfill the request..

and sometimes. i trade items for a favor.. or i can say quest..

and have fun..


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