Are you an aeriagames veteran? Join fanup and win AP!

Gaming posted by DarioD_68823 - July 17th 2013

Hello aeriagames players ^^
My nickname is ultrascati95 and i'm moderator of Fanup, an online gaming community where everyone can share his toughts and post usefull guides: we already count over 20000 pages of guides! We have guides for any aeriagames' game and that's not all. We hold weekly contests where we offers prizes that allow you to earn AP for free!
That's not the end! Soon we are launching a new "Guide of the Week" contest that give additional prizes to those who will write guides of great quality! That's not online yet but here is the page with full description and prizes:
If you are interested and want more info feel free to signup ( and leave a comment in the ChatUp ( or one of the moderator profiles that you can find here:
I hope to hear notice from you soon!

Dario D'ercole-
AKA ultrascati95, guardian moderator


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